Pokemon GO Pokeball Portable Cell Phone Charger, Power Bank for iPhone, Samsung, LG, Nexus, HTC, LED Lights 10,000 mAh

Pokemon GO Pokeball Portable Cell Phone Charger, Power Bank for iPhone, Samsung, LG, Nexus, HTC, LED Lights 10,000 mAh


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  • CATCH Pokemon all day and all night long with this exclusive portable, mobile cell phone charger in the shape of a Pokemon ball! Just plug in your USB cable to the Pokemon Power Bank and you will enjoy tons of extra hours of continuous game time
  • COMPATIBLE with all smartphones on the market today, iPhone, Samsung, Nexus, HTC, and many more. All you need is your phone’s USB cable. Turn on the LED lights of the Pokemon ball by double clicking on the button to the left of the USB port
  • HIGH CAPACITY 10,000 mAh, this portable and mobile external battery will allow you to charge your phone more than three times before running out of battery. Catch 3x more Pokemon than your friends!
  • CHARGER is included along with a strap to clip onto a keychain so that you can conveniently clip your Pokemon ball external battery to your belt loops so that you won’t have to carry it in your hand. Charging time is about 8 hours to obtain a full charge.
  • INSULATED plastic enclosure prevent extreme external temperature. It is safe to the touch. RELATED: Pokemon Accessories, External Battery, Phone Charger, Universal device made for all smart phones including: iPhone 7/Plus/ 6/ 6s plus 5s/ 5/ 4s/ 4, iPad, iPod, Samsung devices Galaxy s7/ s6/ s5/ note 5/ note 4/ Edge, HTC phones, tablet PCs, digital cameras, game consoles and MP3/MP4 players, kindle, etc.

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