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How batteries work? What is Anode and cathode in a battery?

You will find batteries everywhere as the modern world is used to these sources. Every device that is used in daily life runs on these batteries. So if these devices were not invented, the other things we are using in this modern world would not be available for us. But there is confusion that how these small-sized cells work to run big machines and devices? From the definition of electricity, we know that it is a flow of electrons that are [...]

Types of batteries. What are Primary batteries and secondary battery?

Batteries are categorized into primary and secondary batteries. Now, what is primary and secondary batteries? The former is a type of battery that is once used can't be used further by recharging. The second can be recharge after using it and can use it further. The primary battery includes alkaline batteries, mercury batteries, carbon batteries and Silver-Oxide batteries the secondary battery includes Lead-Acid batteries and Lithium batteries. Now we will move further to explain the types of batteries.   Alkaline Batteries:   This [...]

Meaning and history of the Term ‘’Battery’’ and its applications

The term battery refers to the composition of single or multiple cells where the electrons start a flow in a circuit by the chemical reaction of those cells. The batteries are composed of two main parts that act as anode, cathode and electrolytes. The anode act as a negative side while cathode as the positive side. The electrolyte is a mixture that actually reacts chemically with the positive and negative side of the battery. A chemical reaction takes place once [...]

Why you should have a portable charger with green batteries

The smartphone is the biggest necessity of the present age. There are many individuals that cannot live even a second without their smartphone because their business is managed through their phones. The only issue they have to deal with is when the battery of their phone is low and they have no source to charge it. In order to resolve this issue, portable chargers have been introduced in the market. There are different types of chargers that you can use [...]

5 Sure-Fire Ways to Extend Your Lithium-Ion Battery Life

Some people believe we're now in the technological age. No, others would argue and say it's a digital world. And there is also the rest who would call it a mobile world. Regardless of the nomenclature you decide to tag the world with, one thing is certain; and that’s the fact that batteries have become essential to our daily lives. Our digital cameras, mobile phones and most other gadgets too, all run on batteries. However, one prevalent complaint about these [...]

Best Power Banks 2017

Mobile Phones and their features gets advanced every year, more the features are added into mobile phones, more powerful and faster becomes your mobile. Though the devices are getting powerful configurations, there are some draw backs to it. Higher the configuration lower goes their battery life. Yes, it’s true!! All our powerful mobile devices lack battery backups. Well if you need additional battery backup then you need Power Banks. A Power Bank is nothing but a portal [...]

How to replace or upgrade power tool batteries

When it comes to replacing or upgrading power tool batteries, one must be sure that has all the information needed in order for the replacement or upgrading to be successful. In this article, we will clarify some concepts and we will provide you pretty useful information about it. What is a power tool battery? A power tool battery is a replaceable source of power our tools use. By using these batteries, you can enjoy the benefits of having [...]

Tips to Extend iPhone Battery Life

Our smartphones are very useful in our everyday lives, we use them in several ways - from taking a quick selfie, to listening to hundreds of music tracks, to connecting to the internet, then streaming a live video, using the GPS, or even playing HD games. Most of the times, we ignore what it would cost us to do some of these things as humans, for instance, you can try drawing out your next selfie(s) with your hands and see [...]

Choosing a Power Bank for Your Phone and Tablet

If you are one of the millions of people that rely on their cell phones or other mobile devices, then you understand the issue that presents itself once it goes dead! One of the best solutions to the problem is portable chargers, also known as power banks. Power banks carry an electric charge, eliminating the need for an outlet, and they can be used in any location. As long as your power bank has its own charge, then it [...]

How to choose a battery for cell phone

Modern phones are more than just communication gadgets; they also serve as browsers, calculators, they have hand held gaming system, music and video player, flashlights and many other uses. It has become almost impossible to live our daily life without this phones. But running all this application on our gadgets needs a lot of power. Even with other auxiliary charges such as car chargers and power banks, the phone batteries may not last long enough. Eventually your cell phone [...]